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Mediafax Foto is Romania’s leading press photography supplier. The agency’s photo department was founded in 1995 and provides the largest wire of event photography daily, connecting the local and central press to the most relevant events of the day.

The Mediafax Foto team of professional photographers covers all major events in real time. Our photos are printed every day by Romania’s leading publications (dailies and periodicals in the local and central press).

Mediafax Foto currently has a network of over 100 professional photographers who provide at any time images from any event occurring throughout the country, covering all fields of interest: politics, business, sports, culture, entertainment, celebrities etc.

 Products and services

Mediafax Foto provides the following services:

·        Event (press) photography – the daily wire of press photography, the photo archive and Premium photo reportages

·        Graphics and Caricatures

·        Multimedia – visual montages with a soundtrack relevant for each story

·        Stock – a collection of art and conceptual photography

·        Publicity – a service which ensures permanent media coverage for companies through an image portfolio relevant for their activity

·        Professional Services – photography on demand and studio photography


The Mediafax online photo archive includes more than 200,000 photos from all the major events that have taken place in Romania since 1990 up to the present. Moreover, the archive includes over one million international event photos from Agence France Presse, which Mediafax Foto distributes, as well as 2.5 million photos from the Reuters’ archive, one of the top three press agencies in the world. In 2008, Mediafax Foto became the distributor of the Associated Press photo archive, which includes millions of images dating back over a century. Starting 2009, Mediafax Foto clients also have access to the New York Times archive of over 100,000 photographs.

To sum up, Mediafax Foto distributes over 15 million photos of the biggest archives of the world.



Starting 2003, Mediafax Foto is the exclusive distributor in Romania of the Agence France Presse photo service for dailies, new media and broadcasting, which provides Mediafax clients with images from around the world every day. The AFP photos are of the highest quality, of general interest, provided in real time by the AFP team of 200 photo-reporters from 165 countries.



Also starting July 2007, Mediafax Foto is the distributor of the Reuters daily photo service and archive for periodicals, publishing houses, online local publications, commercial companies, PR agencies and NGOs. Due to this partnership, Mediafax clients have access to Reuters premium images, which means over 1,500 new photos every day, as well as over 2 million photos from the archive of one of the leading world agencies.



Starting 2008, Mediafax Foto has become the distributor of vario images stock photos, for the Romanian periodicals and commercial segment (printing houses, companies, PR and advertising agencies etc.). Thus, the Mediafax Foto stock portfolio has risen to over 200,000 images and is growing daily with almost 1,000 new photos.



Also, in 2008, Mediafax Foto became the distributor of the Associated Press international press photography service and photo archive for magazines, book publishers, corporate entities, advertising agencies, government offices and non-governmental organizations. This partnership grants Mediafax Foto customers access to the AP Images collection which includes millions of images, dating back more than 100 years, which is updated every minute of the day. It includes entertainment, fashion, news and sport coverage from The Associated Press and a diverse selection of content partners.



Starting 2009, Mediafax Foto distributes New York Times photographs in Romania to the mass-media (newspapers, magazines, online publications) and the commercial segment (advertising and PR agencies, publishing houses, companies). This partnership gives Mediafax Foto clients access to more than 40 new feature photos every day, as well as to a 100,000 images archive. By signing this partnership with New York Times, Mediafax Foto also distributes photographs from two other stunning collections: Conde Nast’s Women’s Wear Daily, which includes state-of-the-art photographs covering fashion and entertainment, and Fairfax, which contains the best press and stock imagery from the biggest publications in Australia: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, The Sunday Age and The Australian Financial Review.



Also starting with 2009, Mediafax Foto distributes the age fotostock images in Romania to the mass-media (newspapers, magazines, online publications) and the commercial segment (advertising and PR agencies, publishing houses, companies). The age fotostock photos cover the most original themes and perspectives, from history and art, to celebrities and astronomy, and are grouped into 2 collections: age fotostock, which contains Rights Managed imagery, and Pixtal, which includes Royalty Free photographs. Through this collaboration, the image portfolio offered by Mediafax Foto increases by more than 600,000 executions from the age fotostock collection and by approximately 80,000 works from the Pixtal collection.