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MEDIAFAX FOTO // Privacy Policy

S.C. MEDIAFAX S.A. is a personal databases operator, registered with no. 11076.

Thus, MEDIAFAX Company recognizes the privacy rights of its clients and users and takes all possible measures to protect their personal information, as stipulated by the Law no. 677/2001.

The information referring to the MEDIAFAX services’ users is used depending on the type of contractual binding they have with the institution. Therefore, the purposes of using this information, which are described below, vary from one category to another.

Purpose of using personal data by MEDIAFAX

MEDIAFAX Company collects, records, organizes, archives, adapts, modifies, extracts, accesses, uses and, in some cases, transmits your personal data in order to manage, maintain, improve and obtain feedback regarding its services, as well as to prevent errors and information leaks through its own IT network, law or contractual terms violations.  

Your personal data can also be used in order to achieve a maximum customization of MEDIAFAX services, as well as for marketing purposes.

The personal data collected by MEDIAFAX refer to: the user’s name and surname, gender, date and place of birth, citizenship, marital status, telephone/fax, address, e-mail, profession, employment, professional training, family situation, economic and financial situation, data regarding personal goods, habits/preferences/behavior. In certain cases, such as contests, MEDIAFAX may request the civil code number, as well as the ID series and number from the participants.


In case you are under contract with MEDIAFAX, it is possible for us to contact you for feedback regarding the service you are using, in order to improve its quality.

Moreover, if you expressed your approval, MEDIAFAX may contact you in order to provide you with information regarding other services you are not subscribed to which may be of interest. You may be invited to take part in a promotional or free trial campaign. In addition, you may be invited to the events organized by MEDIAFAX.

The agency may contact you by courier, telephone, e-mail or fax. You are free at any time to express your wish to no longer be contacted by MEDIAFAX by direct marketing channels.

MEDIAFAX Company collects and updates the information on its services’ clients and websites users, as well as on the suppliers it constantly interacts with. The company can obtain this information directly from you, from third parties or automatically, once you use the MEDIAFAX services, through cookies and traffic reports generated by the servers which host the MEDIAFAX websites.  

Data provided directly by the user

This refers to the contact information you provided for registration, login and payment data, customer support, taking part in events, contests and market research questionnaires. It can also refer to data regarding your interests and consumption habits. Furthermore, in order to ensure the security of the information you access, MEDIAFAX can also request the IP address from which you browse its websites.

Information collected by MEDIAFAX

If you are a MEDIAFAX client, the agency uses traffic data to also collect information on the way you use the services you are subscribed to, as well as the type of data and the time when you access this information.  

Through its IT system, MEDIAFAX can obtain data referring to the number of registrations on the company’s websites, the networks in which these registrations were made, the accessed systems and information, data about users and the agency’s e-mails recipients, the place the MEDIAFAX websites are accessed from, visits duration on the respective websites, as well as the time and date these visits were made.

If the user does not register on the website, he/she can access it anonymously.

Archiving personal data

MEDIAFAX archives the information in its databases, such as websites administration areas. This information is kept and used by MEDIAFAX in order to abide by the contractual terms and to provide new and improved services to its clients. Moreover, the agency may continue to keep the data of its registered users after the expiration of the contract between the two parties, in compliance with Romanian legislation. 

Access to personal data

If your employer subscribed to a service on your behalf, we may provide him with information on using the respective service. Additionally, if you are the contact person in the organization in providing a service, we may send the data for accessing the respective service to several employees.  

Access to personal data by third parties

Through its “Company Directory” service, MEDIAFAX provides personal data to third parties for a fee. The database collection for this service is made out of public sources, such as Monitorul Oficial and the National Trade Register Office. The data is stored and archived on the MEDIAFAX servers where access is allowed only for the personnel in charge with collecting, archiving and organizing the information, up to the selling point. From this point on, the client is solely responsible for the way in which the respective data is used.

Moreover, MEDIAFAX publishes personal data (name, surname, e-mail, position, employment, telephone/fax) in specialized annual publications under the name “Market Reports”. The respective information is either gathered by the “Company Directory” service or by written authorization from the parties involved.

Aside from the “Company Directory” service, MEDIAFAX does neither sell nor rent databases to third parties. Furthermore, MEDIAFAX does not make this information public, nor does it convey it to third parties without your authorization.

In case you choose to share your data with other websites or services affiliated with MEDIAFAX, bear in mind that they may have different confidentiality and data collection procedures, over which MEDIAFAX has no control or responsibility.

In certain cases, MEDIAFAX may transmit your personal data to certified institutions or to institutions relevant to its activity (e.g.: software providers, stock exchange), in order for them to verify the distribution of their information or services, and to collect their part of remuneration. Therefore, they may validate the data they own by referring to MEDIAFAX data. If such transfers take place, you will be notified, unless the third parties are MEDIAFAX subcontractors, database administrators (e.g.: e-mail marketing campaigns) or certified public institutions.  

MEDIAFAX does not transmit personal data abroad.


The MEDIAFAX websites (www.mediafax.ro, www.news.mediafax.biz, www.mediafax.biz, www.comunicate.mediafax.biz, www.mediafaxdb.ro, www.mediafaxtalks.ro, www.mediafaxfoto.ro) use cookies. Cookies represent data stored on the user’s hard disk, which contain information on the user. Resorting to the cookies mechanism is to the user’s advantage. For example, by introducing a cookie on www.comunicate.mediafax.ro, the user only has to login once using the password, thus saving time when browsing our website. If the user rejects a cookie, he/she will still be able to browse the www.comunicate.mediafax.ro website. Cookies help us in tracking and differentiating among our users’ interests, in order to intensify your experience when visiting our websites. Some of our partners use cookies on our websites (for example, those who advertise). However, we have neither access nor control over these cookies.

Newsletters and alerts

Some of the MEDIAFAX services offer the possibility for the users to receive newsletters and alerts by mail or electronic mail. You are free to choose to no longer receive such notifications by clicking on the unsubscribe link enclosed in the newsletter/alert.

In the majority of cases, the MEDIAFAX services are accessed based on a username and password. We recommend not disclosing your password to anyone, not even to the persons who claim to be MEDIAFAX representatives. For an enhanced security protection, when exiting the MEDIAFAX websites, close the browser window you worked in or click on the “Sign out”/”Log off” button on the current page. MEDIAFAX is not responsible for the security of the data you send us.

Users’ rights

Any given user of the MEDIAFAX services can, at any time and using specific means, exercise their rights:

  1. they should receive, once a year, the confirmation that their data is used by MEDIAFAX or not
  2. change their data
  3. ask that their data is not registered in MEDIAFAX databases
  4. reject their data from MEDIAFAX database
  5. reffering to Justice


For any further information on the collection, archiving and protection of personal data, please send an e-mail to marketing@mediafax.ro or call


This privacy policy is updated as often as necessary. The modifications will apply to the information published and transmitted by MEDIAFAX. Please read these terms periodically in order to stay up to date with the information MEDIAFAX collects, uses and transmits.

The most recent update to this Privacy Policy was made on April 22, 2009.