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Photo Assignments

MEDIAFAX relies on a national network of photographers who are, at any moment, ready to undertake photo assignments according to our clients' special needs. We have developed this service especially so that you can enjoy custom imagery best suited to your needs. Whether you need to cover an on-going or future event, or only some shots with a specific subject in mind, we can call upon our network of photographers and pick the one closest to action.

Through our Photo Assignments, we will help you cut costs, reduce transportation hassle and allow you to use your own photographers to cover other events, while we are busy to shoot the picture that you need, not only faster, but also cheaper.

For further details, please contact foto@mediafax.ro
Studio Photography

If you need high-quality portraits for your business portfolio, MEDIAFAX Foto welcomes you to our professional studio where an experienced photographer will make sure that your personal photos have that special touch.

For further details, please contact foto@mediafax.ro