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TO GO WITH STORY 'PAKISTAN-UNREST-NORTHWEST-DEAL-ART' by Hasan Mansoor: A Pakistani painter mixes paint to decorate a truck at a market in Rawalpindi on March 5, 2009. Mohammad Shahid paints birds, flowers, animals and figurines onto Pakistani minibuses, scraping together a living to survive in a city slum and vowing never to return to the horrors of Swat valley. After a pro-Taliban vigilantes beat and threatened him at gunpoint, he swapped the green pastures and sweeping mountains for the concrete jungle and exhaust fumes of Pakistan's smoggy metropolis of Karachi on the Gulf. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEM
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Loc:     Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN
Sursa:   AFP / Mediafax Foto
Fotograf:   FAROOQ NAEEM
Data:   5 Martie 2009
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