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Modell der Sanshan-Brücke für die Olympischen Winterspiele 2022 / 2016 ***
This stunning bridge is set to become a landmark construction when it is completed in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics.The San Shan Bridge will span the Gui River in Beijing, China, and is destined to be an integral part of infrastructure program dedicated for the Winter Games being held just outside the city.It was designed by Chinese and `Austrian based architects Penda.The bridge will connect the city center with Zhangjiakou. The words “San Shan” mean three mountains, describing the form of the bridge thanks to its three giant arches.The San Shan Bridge also takes some inspiration from its undulating surrounding and the Olympic symbol of five interlaced rings.This bridge will be built to become the main gateway between the dense of the city and the undulating river valleys in the North of Beijing. The area around this bridge has grown rapidly in popularity for both residents and tourists, it has become a recreational area. All major outdoor Olymic competitions will be held at Zhangjiakou.It is hoped the bridge will become an inviting sculpture where people can enjoy, jaw dropping mountainous scenery along the way to that location. Next to San Shan Bridge, there’s an area designated to the Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019 and any major developments by international architects would transform this region into an exhibition hub.The bridge forms an inviting sculpture to a more mountainous scenery on the way to Zhangjiakou, where all major outdoor competitions at the Beijing Olympics are being held. The main structure of the bridge is conceived as a series of rings, which connect at their highest and lowest points. The rings perform as a main structural element and suspend the bridge deck with steel cables in-between them. A Penda spokesman said entering the rings on the way to the Olympic competitions, should be seen as an contextual icon for the Games.L
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Loc:     Peking, China
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Data:   23 August 2016
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