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Rare Blue Room Discovered In Pompeii - Italy

A new room in the central area of the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy emerged during excavations on May 2024. The room, which measures about 8 square meters, is painted blue and interpretable as a sacrarium, or a space dedicated to ritual activities and the storage of sacred objects. The light blue color found here was rarely witnessed in Pompeian frescoes and was generally found in highly decorative settings. Fifteen transport amphorae and a bronze set consisting of two jugs and two oil lamps were found in the room. Also present were accumulations of building materials, ready to be used in the renovations. A pile of already worn oyster shells was found on the threshold of the entrance, which were probably added to plaster and mortar mixes once they had been ground up. The figures found in the Blue Room flank niches in the center and depict the four seasons in the side niches. On the central wall are allegories of Agriculture and cattle breeding, as indicated by the attributes of a plow and a short stick used by shepherds and hunters. Archaeologists continue to stumble upon impressive finds in the Roman city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. In 79 AD, ash, mud and lava covered Pompeii after a volcanic eruption. Photo by (EV) Parco Pompei/ABACAPRESS.COM
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Loc:     Pompei, Italy
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Data:   4 Iunie 2024
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