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Mediafax Foto Stock is a collection of creative photography, which includes works covering all fields, from nature, people and lifestyle, to business and gastronomy.

Aside from its own stock collection, Mediafax Foto also distributes the age fotostock, vario images and Photoshot images in Romania.

 age fotostock

The age fotostock collection covers various subjects, from history and art, to celebrities and astronomy. The images are grouped into two collections: age fotostock, approximately 600,000 Rights Managed photographs, and Pixtal, more than 80,000 Royalty Free images.

The photographs can be accessed directly from this page.

 vario images

The vario images collection comprises photographs, illustrations and symbols for creative and specially demanding projects.

If you wish to purchase vario images photographs, contact a Mediafax Foto representative.


The agency provides stock, as well as press photography at the highest quality standards.

If you wish to purchase Photoshot photographs, contact a Mediafax Foto representative.