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If you are a professional photographer and you wish to make the most of your images, this website gives you the possibility to show and promote your work.

The working procedure is extremely simple and it uses the national and international promotion potential of Mediafax Foto. Any Mediafax Foto client can choose to download or publish any image from the website.

The royalty system we use is based on the following guidelines:

1. The images provided to Mediafax in order to be sold to third parties will have to meet the following technical requirements: minimum 300 dpi resolution, A4 format, explanatory text, location.

2. The photographer guarantees that he/she has legal ownership and copyright over the displayed works.

3. Mediafax Foto reserves the right to select the works submitted to be displayed on the www.mediafaxfoto.ro website.

4. The photographer concedes the usage right, but keeps the ownership right over his/her works throughout the entire period of their display on the Mediafax Foto website.

5. The images conceded to Mediafax will be exclusive only in special conditions agreed by both parties.

In order to start your collaboration with Mediafax Foto, please fill in the form on the side and submit three images that best represent your work.


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